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Our Culture

Our culture is defined by our actions. At Rho, we expect every person to:


Develop Partners

Great business is always about people. We create deep personal partnerships with those we serve and those we work with to build an ecosystem of people that put each other first, celebrate in each other’s success, and make work more fun.


Work for Purpose

We work on projects with meaningful impact that simultaneously push technical boundaries. Our work should always be fueled by passion; whether that be combating climate change, transforming healthcare, implementing cutting-edge data science, or whatever else drives us.


Value Time

Time is the one resource we can never get back, so we are intentional about how we spend it. Our fully-distributed structure allows us to set our own hours and work location to stay focused and maximize our time, which also means no wasted time with long commutes. We respect each other’s time by keeping meetings punctual, relevant, and goal-oriented.


Own It

We need input, feedback, and even debate to sharpen our decisions and ensure everyone’s voice is heard. However, every process has a final decision maker so once a process owner makes a decision, we commit as a team and execute. We work in an agile manner to continually deploy our work into production and iterate based on real-world feedback while continuing to provide solutions by saying “Yes, if…” and figuring out what needs to be true to succeed.


Push Yourself

We are always looking to improve, both as individuals and together as a company. We seek out the best and most passionate people in our fields. We try new things to push the limit of our capabilities and continually ask questions to be life-long learners.


Communicate Openly

We intentionally create a culture where it's safe to take risks and be vulnerable. We want our team to be bold, feel creative, make mistakes, bring forward ideas, and ask questions without fear of being embarrassed. We build supportive environments that truly foster learning, innovation, and teamwork.

Our Background

Leadership Team

Kerri Faber



Kerri Faber leads organization and talent development, strategy, and execution at Rho AI. Prior to Rho, she spent over a decade in senior roles at General Electric, Rubicon, and Fiserv. She is PHR certified and has a degree in Human Resources Management from Penn State University.

Dr. Erik Allen


Founder and CSO

Dr. Erik Allen leads data science operations at Rho AI, including machine learning model development and professional services. Prior to Rho, he was a quantitative modeler in roles spanning startups (Foro Energy) to Fortune 50 companies (Cargill). He has a PhD from MIT.

Gilman Callsen


Founder and CTO

Gilman Callsen leads data architecture, new business formation, and product-services coordination at Rho AI. Prior to Rho, he founded MC10, designing and implementing data-centered hardware + software products. He has a BA from Yale University.

Dr. Josh Browne


Founder and COO

Dr. Josh Browne leads business operations at Rho AI and is an adjunct professor at Columbia University. Prior to Rho, he spent two decades in senior engineering and management roles in professional motorsports. He has a PhD from Columbia University.