Certified Great Place to Work

Article by,  Rho AI

June 01, 2020

Rho AI has a mission that is simple, but defining to how we work in our fully distributed company from founder to employee. Our mission is to harness the power of data science to drive meaningful impact. In addition to our core mission, Rho AI also wants to be a top-notch employer ideally exceeding the needs of our employees. In fact, the Great Places to Work survey proves we have a 97% satisfaction rating among our employees!

“When my co-founders and I created Rho AI eight years ago, we wanted to create a company that served the people within it. We wanted to create an environment dedicated to developing our employees and pursuing professional excellence while providing our people the freedom to be themselves. Our belief is that allowing our team to own their own work and “Level Up” leads to work fueled by passion and commitment to serving our partners… throughout our journey, we’ve focused on finding the best people, giving them the opportunity to lead their own projects, and providing them the resources to grow,” said Erik Allen, Founder.

A Great Place to Work certification has six components to measure: Values, Innovation, Financial Growth, Leadership Effectiveness, Maximizing Human Potential, and Trust.

After our employees were surveyed, we learned a tremendous amount – some things we knew such as the employee demographics, but we also learned a few things we can improve upon to meet the growing needs of a diverse, fully distributed workforce. In a traditional setting with all employees in one office you can read body language and learn more through “water cooler talk”. When leading a fully – distributed workforce you can lose some of the everyday nuances of a traditional office environment and we didn’t want that to impact our employee satisfaction. We received great insight through the process and started to make some modifications to a few small areas of improvement. We continuously are evolving the way we do business internally by allowing various platforms for communication including Google Meet, Slack, and Project Management Tools. We all do our best to meet virtually face to face often so that we can stay connected.

We already knew our demographics, but the insight is important when combined with the other reporting variables. We were pleased that across the entire staff our management team has 100% employee support, which as a leader I found tremendous pride in the transparency we provide to the team in order to earn that trust. Additionally, our 97% satisfaction rating demonstrates to me that we have great leaders, great employees and a great culture particularly when compared to the average 59%. We know what’s working, we learned what wasn’t and fixed it. Rho AI has a great culture, a great environment and management trust and confidence, now we have the credentials to share that with the world. This helps Rho AI continue to grow by attracting talented employees, retaining our incredibly skilled team members and building credibility with our partners. To learn more about open opportunities at Rho AI, check out our career section.