Pit Rho

Article by,  Melissa Malcom

May 04, 2019

The sound of race cars zooming around the track is exciting in itself, but align that with a group of entrepreneurs, data scientists and engineers and you’ve created a great idea. This idea transferred into a reality when the team at Rho AI® developed a custom software for predicting race strategy used by crew chiefs and pit teams to communicate critical decisions to the driver during an active, live race. From our initial concept to our current company, Pit Rho was born, refined and achieved winning results. Part of Rho AI, Pit Rho® is a real-time predictive race strategy used by race organizations including Richard Childress Racing, Hendrick Motorsports and General Motors among others. Most recently, our Pit Rho platform has insightful press coverage as a team used Pit Rho strategy to recent victories and we are proud to be a contributor!

Check out some great post race coverage from one of the 2020 races: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Y7_F4iM8lY&feature=youtu.be&t=618

Rho AI is a fully distributed workforce combined of great talent in a variety of disciplines, focusing on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Much of our founding team came from the venture-backed startup world and understood the benefits and disadvantages of that model, so important to note that Rho AI is a fully self-funded organization. Our structure and background allow us to maintain massive flexibility and control over the projects we work on, and the people we work with so that we can dig deeper into the opportunity to provide long-term value and impact in our work.

Rho AI is committed to addressing real-world problems and making customized data science obtainable in a remarkable range of industries; including healthcare, finance, sports, waste, water, climate change and energy. In addition to building products, we provide data science and software engineering