Women in Technology

Article by,  Melissa Malcom

May 04, 2019

2020 has brought massive change in the world and with such a dynamic work environment currently, at Rho AI we are happy to be ahead of the game with a fully distributed, established workforce. We have provided a harmonious working environment with personal life balance for our employees for over eight years. Without the geographical boundaries, we are able to employ fantastic employees - both male and female. In an industry and discipline that is known as being skewed predominantly male, here at Rho AI we proudly have several “rock star” females! Hiring women in technology works for our company, but we are equally pleased to say that employment with our company “works” for our employees as well. From our leadership, to business development team to engineering and data science team, our female employees are extremely engaged at Rho AI and instrumental in our growth.

According to Entrepreneur, the top 10 Traits of a Successful woman can be why we seek to recruit more women at Rho AI and encourage more into the field of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Women are great team players - Data Science for us is a team sport. Kick off begins with the time we collaborate with our customers through strategy and all the way through to the execution. Strong minded, strong leaders and soft hearted traits are front runners with our female employees as we lead, but have compassion and understanding with our customers’ needs. Our team plans, sets goals, meets our deadlines, keeps the team positive with their great attitudes - all the women in our company play critical roles in successfully leading at every touchpoint. Being able to balance a demanding career with the personal needs of our employees matters to Rho AI and many of our female employees are mothers, making flexibility in these times even more important. With 100% of our employees being remote , we are given the luxury of being flexible with our needs and maintaining that balance of family as well.

Kerri Faber, our President, balances four kids and a husband (while leading Rho AI) has this to say about recruiting for talented women in technology, “As a mother myself, I know the pressure that can come along with being a strong female when you need to balance work and home, so we are confident that our distributed workforce allows us to attract top talent by offering flexibility and we have a great culture for collaborating and teamwork. Employing great women in technology allows us to support employee needs and our company simultaneously ”.

Women who choose technology fields are slowly increasing, but not at the rate of other career fields and we would like to see that change. If interested in pursuing a position at Rho AI, or even just speaking to one of our female employees as a mentor during your educational journey, don’t hesitate to contact. Check out our Career Page for more information on open positions.