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Our Network Intelligence effort at Rho AI has resulted in a large graph database of interconnected companies and individuals. The data come from many sources, including publicly available news, funding event notices for private companies, business social network profiles, company websites, online company profiles, and more.

Our system aggregates these datasets and organizes them in a fashion that allows for a wide range of applications. Some applications require simple querying of the database to source profile-like data on companies and individuals, while other applications demand complex connectivity layers to be built on top of the database.

Layers built on the database can include determining a company’s similarity to another based on a mosaic of data inputs, determining a company’s industry segment based on keywords scraped from our data sources, and ultimately determining a company or individual’s relevance to a user or their company. In this way, we can speed up connecting entrepreneurs, partners, and investors.


What Clients Say

Sample Case Study

Database Augmentation, Automated Industry Sorting, and Search Improvements


Partner: A large research institution focused on climate, clean energy, and industrial markets.

A main component of their value to customers and partners is the data they can collect on small, tech-forward companies, and they look to deliver that data in an easily understood format.

Connectivity between companies and relations between companies has been an unmet need since their core competency has been on database entry and maintenance.


Augmentation of their database with additional data scraped through our Network Intelligence web crawling tools.

Increased search engine capabilities by delivering scraped keywords on companies.

Data science tools built on top of their database that link companies by similarity and intelligently sort companies into industry verticals.

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Improved Search

Instant search engine improvements in their internal database for customers.

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Intelligent Sorting

Ability to add new companies and automatically sort them into their respective industry vertical.

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Enhanced Discovery

Allow customers to intelligently navigate ultra-specific technologies and discover new companies.