Sample Case Study

Real-Time Quotes To Maximize Sales


Partner: A provider of waste management systems, including trash and recycling bins, to optimize waste reduction and removal.

This provider wanted to enable real-time recommendations for waste removal solutions, to improve sales efficiency and sales conversion rates.

Quotes generated by these recommendations needed to include the optimal bin sizing at a price that maximized the customer’s likelihood of acceptance, regardless of sales channel and salesperson.


Automated, real-time quoting tool to create a customized plan and pricing for each organization based on its needs.

The tool considers business information, such as revenue and square footage, to estimate current and optimal waste services.

The tool maximized profit by weighing predicted price acceptance probability with the profit margin of the recommended solution.

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Better Predictions

Reduced price prediction error by 50%.

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Automated Quoting

Enabled automated quoting to 100%.

Service Highlights

Recommend the optimal choice with the highest probability of success when there are too many possible options.

Predict the “rating” or “preference” of a user based on past behavior or similarities to other users.


What Clients Say