Sample Case Study

Asset Monitoring and Control with Network Operations Center (NOC)


Partner: A provider of wildfire defense system that protects homes from fires by covering properties with a biodegradable firefighting foam.

Each individual defense system is an IoT device that needs to be monitored and controlled from a central Network Operations Center (NOC).

Needed to build a software platform that allowed their NOC to perform remote monitoring, and troubleshooting of these devices.


A highly-scalable solution capable of monitoring thousands of devices in real-time.

A common RESTful API that can be consumed by three applications (customer application, installer application, and NOC dashboard) for monitoring and commanding each device in real-time.

System is designed to be highly-available and auto-scalable to meet peak demand during a wildfire.

Centralized dashboard that allows help desk to actively monitor and troubleshoot issues without needing to deploy service agents in the field.

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Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of all wildfire defense devices.

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Faster Response Time

Reduced response time to diagnose and troubleshoot issues in the field.

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Saved Lives

Potential for saving lives and millions in property damages from remote device operations during a wildfire.

Service Highlights

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Stay ahead of the curve by leveraging our cross-competency approach to evaluating technologies and architectures.

We constantly pressure test the latest technologies and benchmark against proven solutions to ensure we're always keeping up with the best-in-class paradigms, without succumbing to the constant stream of 'shiny new tech objects'.

With years of experience developing both real-time and highly-scalable systems, we’ve developed internal capabilities that allow us to quickly iterate and produce best-in-class products that meet customer needs.


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