Climate impact assessments of new technologies with transparent data analysis.

Identify, analyze, and connect relevant early-stage companies and investors.

Governor Cuomo’s nation-leading clean energy and climate goals prioritize accelerating innovation at an unparalleled pace. To continue spurring that effort, New York is providing significant funding as direct investments and commercialization support for early-stage clean energy businesses. NYSERDA intends to use CRANE as part of our enhanced pre-investment due diligence process and post-investment for portfolio management and tracking against our targets.

President and CEO, NYSERDA

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Enterprise-grade machine learning deployment platform to quickly integrate custom solutions into your business.

Run your models thousands of times per day, without worrying about managing infrastructure, cost, surges, or uptime.

A core offering of our stack relies on quickly and accurately extracting text and specific clauses from unstructured regulatory and legal documents. In collaboration with our team, Sermos was able to process over 10,000 documents in only a few hours and extracted over 15 unique features from each document using custom models trained on our data. The speed, custom fit, and cost make it an extremely powerful tool.

CEO and Co-Founder, Oseberg

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Real-time motorsports strategy to predict competitor behavior and optimize decisions.

Evaluate thousands of data points every second to make actionable recommendations.

During a race event there are many sources of data we can take advantage of to evaluate the performance of our race cars relative to the competition. Rho AI and RCR have created a powerful set of tools and infrastructure to predict optimum race strategy in real-time during our NASCAR events. Decisions during a race have to be made in seconds. Our strategy tools have played a key role in our wins in 2017 and have shown the power of analytics in making real-time decisions. The strength of Rho AI has been their ability to acquire and develop domain knowledge alongside their advanced software and analytics expertise.

CTO, Richard Childress Racing

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We are also proud to offer unique learning opportunities in our areas of expertise.

Columbia Campus


Practical applications of data science methods in industry.
Real-world case studies based on Rho AI projects.

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Stanford Campus


Project-based course to develop effective energy innovation leaders.
Provides a platfrom to envision, develop, and launch high-impact cleantech ventures.

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